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Membership And Use Agreement


hereby Membership And Use Agreement (" Use Convention "), Mode Panier to the website with entrance maker and / or member the one which... User between , the User 's Website to use aimed at aspect and the website is located electronic in the environment User by approval instantly edited .

User to the website entrance by doing and / or member aspect Use of the Convention all what you read , its content the whole with you understand And all its provisions that you approve acceptance And declaration it does .


Buyer : On the website presented Services Using , Seller by on sale presented delivered goods and / or services buy area user expression it does .

Mode Panier : Elasan Real estate Consulting Trade Limited Company expression it does .

" Service " in short : Users Use In the Convention defined the one which... work And transactions to realize to ensure for , by Mode Panier , Website in emerge placed applications expression it does .

User / Member : To the website entrance maker and / or member the one which... and on the website presented From the Services , this Use In the Convention stated conditions within beneficiary real or  legal person expression it does . Sales person And Buyers to the website User aspect member they become .

Seller : On the website presented Services to use by , legally property having is located And ownership on in savings availability right to owner goods and / or​ services , other To users aimed at aspect on sale offering is a person .

Product : On the website Sales person by on sale any goods and / or offered​ service expression it does .

Website :​ https://www.modepanier.com/ named area from the name And This  area in the name of affiliated subdomain​ from their names The website consisting of expression it does .


3.1. User of the Convention subject on the website presented Services , this from services utilization of the terms And parties right And obligations is the determination .

3.2. User of the Convention scope , User contract And suffixes with website​ in place area , use , membership And To the Services related aspect by Mode Panier made the one which... altogether warning , text And explanation like are statements .

3.3. User of the Convention its provisions acceptance by , website inside place area , use , membership And To the Services related aspect by Mode Panier any kind described declaration And This  to declarations suitable agree that you will behave has done you are becoming .


4.1. Membership of the website relating to From the section , User to be wanting person to the website by member to be for   necessary information sending by record of the process to have it done And ModePanier by record of the process approval with is completed . Membership process before completion , this User In the Convention defined User being right And to the authority owner It cannot be .

4.2. to the website member to be for , legal age to be And by Mode Panier , temporary aspect from membership removed or  from membership indefinite forbidden not to be is required . Minor non- or  above stated like , this User Article 5.2 of the Convention by Mode Panier​ temporary aspect from membership removed or  from membership indefinite forbidden the one which... people 's website record transactions completed to be , website member of to be the result will not give birth .


5.1. User's Rights and Obligations

User , membership procedure in its place While bringing the website 's From their services while benefiting and on the website with services relating to any One process in its place While fetching , User In the Convention place area all terms , the website's relating to in their place stated to the rules And in effect all to legislation suitable movement will , above stated all condition And rules you understand And that you approve acceptance , declaration And commitment it does .

User , Privacy in the provisions place area provisions with together in effect imperative legislation provisions in accordance with or  other Users with third of individuals your rights breach that has been allegation to be In cases of Mode Panier 's to herself belonging to confidential / private / commercial information necessary official to the authorities And both right owner to people to explain official will happen And This  for the reason From Mode Panier whatever reputation under if it happens let it be compensation request can't be done acceptance , declaration And commitment it does .

Users' by Mode Panier presented From Services to benefit from for the purpose of they use to the system access tools ( User name , password etc. ) security , storage , third party of people from the knowledge far keeping And use with their situation relating to matters completely Users' is your responsibility . Users to the system entrance of their vehicles security , storage , third of people from the knowledge far keeping , using like on matters all neglect And from your flaws because Users' and / or third of people suffered or  may visit to damages based on Mode Panier 's , direct or  indirect , any One responsibility is not born .

Users , Website within themselves by provided information And of contents TRUE And to law suitable is acceptance , declaration And commitment They do . Mode Panier , Users by To Mode Panier transmitted or Website​ over  themselves by uploaded , modified or  provided information And of contents accuracy research , this information And of contents safe , correct And to law suitable is commitment And guarantee by doing liable And responsible is not there like word​ subject information And of contents wrong or  incorrect from being because emerge will come out no also responsible for the damage cannot be kept .

User , Mode Panier 's written approval without , User Agreement within the scope of right And obligations , partly or  completely , any One third to the person cannot be transferred .

Mode Panier 's offered From Services beneficiaries and website​ users only​ to law suitable Website for purposes on process they can . Users , Website within every action he makes And in action legal And criminal responsibility themselves belongs to . Each User , Mode Panier and / or Another One third person same or  personal to your rights or  your assets breach constitute will way , website within found pictures , texts , visuals And auditory images , video clips , files , data bases , catalogs And lists will not reproduce , copy , distribute , process , or This  actions with or else​ by ways with Mode Panier directly and / or indirect aspect to competition will not enter acceptance , declaration And commitment it does . Mode Panier, Users User Agreement to the provisions and / or to law against as website​ on what they accomplished activities because of third of people they suffered or  they may visit from damages directly and / or indirect as , no way responsible cannot be kept .

Including users​ to be about third persons by on website provided from services And published from the contents because Mode Panier 's , Mode Panier employees' or  of managers responsibility There is no . Any One third person by provided And published information , content , visual And auditory your images accuracy And to law suitability commitment , in its entirety This  actions performer of people is your responsibility . Mode Panier , including Users to be about third persons by provided services And of contents security , accuracy And to law suitability commitment And guarantee It does not .

Users Website​ on place area own memberships And to their relatives belonging to memberships money transfer between will provide way process they won't do and the website its functioning manipulate will in behavior that they will not be present , otherwise in state Mode Panier 's all kinds of things that will happen damage compensation they will acceptance , declaration And commitment it does .


Mode Panier on its website presented Services And Ability to change contents at any time ; Users' to the system they uploaded information And contents , including users​ to be to , third of people to access ability to close And deletion your right hidden It keeps . Mode Panier , this right , no front in notification without being found can use . Mode Panier 's User by to be done request did changes User immediately in its place brings . by Mode Panier request made change  and / or correction of your demands Users by on time in its place not to bring due to born of damages from compensation User responsible It is possible .

Mode Panier , Website via Mode Panier 's own under control non- third person vendors , providers And otherwise third of people owner is And operated by to other websites and / or portals , files or  It can provide 'links' to the contents . These ' links' , Users by or  Only reference ease because of by Mode Panier provided it could be and website​ or  operator person to support purpose or website​ or  contains information aimed at any One kind of One declaration or  guarantee quality It does not carry . Website​ ' links ' on by accessed portals , websites , files And contents , these ' links' by accessed portals or from websites presented services or  Products or  these content about Mode Panier 's any One responsibility There is no .

Mode Panier on its website provided Services And place area Products with relating to aspect Users between emerge coming out mediator in disputes or  judge with adjectives duty does not take .

Mode Panier , Users of website​ over  happening and the website to its functioning and / or User to the contract and / or the website general to the rules and / or general morality to the rules against And by Mode Panier acceptance to be possible non- your messages and / or of contents detection to be for the purpose of necessary contents and / or message scan can do And detection did message and / or contents whenever he wants and way from access can remove ; User's membership , any One notice temporary , temporary or  permanent as , it can end .

User of the Convention approval And implementation As a result , Mode Panier and User between partnership , representation or  employee-employer relationship is not born .

User , " User name " name while determining third of individuals Copyright right , trademark , commercial title like legal your rights breach not to commitment It does . Users this is it article to the provision against to behave In case of Mode Panier Usage to the Convention against This  of the situation to be corrected From user request can like if he wishes To the user previously news without giving User's membership temporary or  permanent aspect cancel can .


Mode Panier , to Users related information on this website​ place area Security in the provisions regulations suitable aspect can use . Mode Panier, To users belonging to hidden information , User In the Convention And Security of the provisions on the contrary will not use it .


Users , Website over  presented Mode Panier Services , information And Copyright work subject to their rights again   cannot sell , share , distribute , exhibit , reproduce , derived studies can't or  cannot prepare , or someone else's Mode Panier 's To their services to reach or  to use permission cannot give ; opposite In case , license including those who give however with these annoyed without , third of people they suffered from damages because From Mode Panier request made compensation amount And court Expenses And advocacy including fee​ however With this annoyed not to be about all other kinds obligations by meeting responsible they will be .

Mode Panier 's , Services , information , copyright works subject to copyright , commercial brands , commercial view or Website​ by owner every kind of material And idea ownership including the rights all assets , in kind And personal rights , commercial information and know -how aimed at all rights reserved .

Users , Website on place area And To Mode Panier And other To users all kinds of Intellectual Industrial Property your rights breach not to acceptance , declaration And commitment They do .


Mode Panier , entirely own at your discretion connected And only sided as , this User Agreement And suffixes , suitable will see any One at the same time , on the website advert  to do by can change . hereby Use of the Convention changing provisions , announcement were made In history validity will win ; back remainder provisions , ditto in force staying provision And the results to give birth continue will .


legally force majeure reason counted all In such cases , Mode Panier hereby Agreement with determined from his actions any someone late or  missing performance don't or  performance not to because of responsible It is not . force majeure reason in their cases ; delay , missing performance don't or  performance not to or  default will not be included or  This  situations for   User by From Mode Panier any One name under compensation request It will not be possible . force majeure reason term ; natural disaster , riot , war , strike , cyber attack , communication problems , infrastructure and internet failures , cyber attacks on the system related improvement or  modernization studies And This  for the reason occurred may come malfunctions , electrical outage And bad weather including the conditions And but with these annoyed not to be provided that Mode Panier reasonable control not including And necessary care to show despite irrepressible inescapable events aspect will be interpreted .


hereby User of the Convention in its application and interpretation And provisions within born legal your relationships under the management Turkish law will be implemented . hereby User from the Convention born or  any kind that may arise of conflict In the case of Istanbul Courts And Executive apartments is authorized .


hereby User Agreement , User Website​ entrance what he did and / or member is as long as in force will stay And sides between provision And the results to give birth continue will ; User's membership duration stuffed or  temporary or  permanent aspect of membership stopping in their state end saint will be counted . Mode Panier , Users this is it User Convention and / or , Website inside place area User 's membership And To the Services related like rules breach to do in case And especially below counted In cases , User Convention only sided aspect can terminate And Users , termination Due to Mode Panier 's suffered directly or  indirect all damages compensation by doing liable will be :

  • Any user​ One method Using the website its functioning manipulate will in behavior to be found ,
  • User's itself for created User your profile to someone else transfer or  for use opening ,
  • User's third of people to your rights breach who makes in elephants to be found .
  • to the website entrance maker and / or member Every User who is hereby Agreement with the provisions indefinite aspect connected will be .

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